Guyana Performance Measurement Framework

One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programmes by their intentions rather than their results. -- Milton Friedman

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The Guyana Performance Measurement Framework is intended to transform Volume 2 of the Budget Estimates to a web-based platform which will facilitate real-time entry of data on the national performance indicators being reported in the Estimate.

This will allow for increased availability of information on the performance of central government agencies. Government agencies will be able to access this platform to upload their respective indicator data. Overall, this site will collect and report on national performance across all sectors.

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Champions of M&E in Guyana

If you do not measure results, you can not tell success from failure

~ Adapted from Osborne & Gaebler, 1992


General Administration

Agencies in this sector are responsible for executing the administrative functions of the Government


01 Office of the President

02 Office of the Prime Minister

03 Ministry of Finance

06 Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance

07 Parliament Office

08 Audit Office of Guyana

09 Public and Police Service Commissions

10 Teaching Service Commission

11 Guyana Elections Commission

12 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

13 Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

14 Ministry of Public Service

16 Ministry of Amerindian Affairs

21 Ministry of Agriculture

Economic Services

Agencies in this sector are responsible for supporting and facilitating economic ventures in Guyana


23 Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce

26 Ministry of Natural Resources


Agencies in this sector are responsible for the infrastructural development of Guyana


31 Ministry of Public Works

38 Ministry of Labour

39 Ministry of Human Services and Social Security

Social Services

Agencies in this sector are responsible for providing social services to all Guyanese


40 Ministry of Education

44 Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport

45 Ministry of Housing and Water

47 Ministry of Health

Public Safety

Agencies in this sector are responsible for protecting Guyana and Guyanese from foreign and domestic threats.


51 Ministry of Home Affairs

52 Ministry of Legal Affairs

53 Guyana Defence Force

55 Supreme Court

56 Public Prosecutions

57 Office of the Ombudsman

58 Public Service Appellate Tribunal

59 Ethnic Relations Commission

60 Judicial Service Commission

61 Rights Commission of Guyana

62 Public Procurement Commission

Regional Development

Agencies in this sector are responsible for the development of the ten administrative regions in Guyana


71 Region 1: Barima/Waini

72 Region 2: Pomeroon/Supenaam

73 Region 3: Essequibo Islands/West Demerara

74 Region 4: Demerara/Mahaica

75 Region 5: Mahaica/Berbice

76 Region 6: East Berbice/Corentyne

77 Region 7: Cuyuni/Mazaruni

78 Region 8: Potaro/Siparuni

79 Region 9: Upper Takatu/Upper Essequibo

80 Region 10: Upper Demerara/Upper Berbice